The Art World as Feudalistic War Zone

Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes, ( a Hobbesian term meaning “war of all against all”)  by William Powhida and Jade Townsend, is their the latest collaborative depiction of a contemporary art world in seriocomic conflict.  Exhibited at Freight + Volume, it  is described by the artists as a more earnest “attempt to understand, rather than make fun of the art world than their previous collaboration Art Basel Miami Beach Hooverville , described by Jerry Saltz as  “a great big art-world stink bomb”.

Art News describes the art world of Bellum as “a lurid battleground where artists, posers, critics, dragons, Internet trolls, and Modernist ghosts fight for their lives”; “a brutal, bacchanalian landscape, patrolled by the ghosts of Modernism and MakerBot robot armies. Abstraction and figuration engage in brutal combat.”

The Ultimate Map of Art-World Feuds
By Robin Cembalest Posted 08/15/13

The article also has a ticklish slideshow which zooms in and identifies interesting details and real-life figures within the map.

There is a also an article about it on Rhizome where this “Boschean Where’s Waldo?”   is described as ” “an excellent time-waster, both funny and irritating”.

Art & Technology According to Powhida and Townsend
Michael Connor | Thu Aug 15th, 2013 1:13 p.m.

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